LinkedIn – provides our followers with the vital information they need in their own personalized feeds. Industry partners can utilize this opportunity reach all our followers through sponsored content. Sponsored content allows you to highlight your brand through the sharing of thought leadership. Options, details and pricing can be found below.


ENGAGEMENT: Followers: 14,000+ |  Engagement Rate (Clicks+Likes+Reposts): 4.0%+ | Average Daily Impressions: 1,000+ | Average Daily Reach: 400+

SPECS: Image – 1200×627 pixels, jpg or png file, minimum 72 dpi

CONTENT PARAMETERS: – Two to three short paragraphs with a hyperlinked url (only first two sentences will be visible before “click to expand”). As many hashtags and tagging individuals as you would like. Pick the exact time of day you would like the post to be sent, as well as what day of the week. No more than 5 posts in any 24 hour period. A minimum of 3 hours in-between posts.

# of Posts (cost per post) 20x 15x 10x 5x 1x
LinkedIn Post $50 $60 $75 $80 $90
Top Feed Pin (24 hours) N/A N/A N/A $150 $175
Top Feed Pin (12 hours) N/A N/A N/A $130 $150
ISRI2023 Month Rates N/A N/A $100 $120 $130